Welcome everyone to It’s funny for me to think about how for years my online identity was this site. I originally launched the site in college, and was one of the only people I knew who was actually “blogging.” Over the years, my identity on the internet shifted, especially as I started launching companies. For a long time people associated me online with the work Kevin and I did at Brightmix. Then came Silicon Prairie News, which has even more reach and thus overtook my persona online.

It’s time for me to get back into it though. I find myself needing an outlet for my opinions, of which I have many. Specifically I have very strongly formed opinions about a handful of things I am passionate about – namely food and startups. Anyone who hangs out with me for any amount of time knows that I’m not afraid to voice these opinions either.

And so here I hope to put some of these on paper, and share them with the world. Not all opinions or rants, but hopefully helpful tidbits that we’ve picked up along the past 6+ years of running companies here on the Silicon Prairie.


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