Female speakers at Nebraska Code Camp

I try not to get caught up in internet flame wars, regardless of which side of the topic I happen to land on. However, I do find the whole “Why are there no female speakers at Nebraska Code Camp” to be an interesting lesson in a bunch of things. The short version is this: Nebraska […]


A few days ago I gave a talk about Flywheel at Cornstalks, the monthly meeting of high growth (and would-be high growth) entrepreneurs in Omaha. Each month for the past six years, this group has gathered together on the last Thursday of the month to hear from a presenter and generally discuss issues related to […]

Having good competition

My first company was a software consulting firm. We were young and dumb, and didn’t particularly consider ourselves to be in business. We just hated our corporate jobs and were consulting because it “paid a lot.” We were good at writing software, had a few connections, and like I said – hated corporate America. In […]